Three Ways Relationship Counseling Can Help The Average Couple


Most couples disagree sometimes and even have the occasional fight. There are things about each partner that annoys the other, and there are days that aren't perfect. If this sounds like a description of your relationship, then you are, indeed, an average couple. But that does not mean you can't benefit from relationship therapy. Many average couples can deepen and improve their relationship through counselling. And doing so is a better alternative than waiting for things to get tense or strained before seeking counselling. There are three main ways that relationship counselling can help the average couple.

Improved communication

You've probably heard before that communication is the key to a good relationship. This is true, but communication is about a little more than just telling your partner when something is wrong. It's about knowing how to express your emotions and preferences in a way your partner will understand. It's also about learning to listen to your partner and ask the right questions when they are speaking. A counsellor can help you learn better communication skills so that you are better able to understand your partner and also communicate your own needs. This can help prevent conflicts going forward, and it can also make you better at working through conflicts.

Identifying coping mechanisms

In most relationships, partners develop some type of coping mechanism in order to deal with the other person's shortcomings. For example, you may hate when your partner leaves the kitchen a mess, so you stay upstairs and bury yourself in work to avoid thinking about the mess. A counsellor can help you identify your coping mechanisms and your partner's coping mechanisms, and they can give you healthier ideas for coping to use instead. For example, they may recommend talking to your partner about how the messy kitchen bugs you, setting a schedule for cleaning, and making cleaning a priority before you sit down to watch TV in the evening.

Setting new boundaries

Even in the closest romantic relationships, there are some boundaries. These are different for everyone. One person may draw the line at their partner reading their personal texts. Another person may not want their partner touching or doing their laundry. It is important to set boundaries in your relationship so that you can maintain a healthy sense of autonomy. A relationship counsellor can help you do this in a kind and understanding way that makes you both feel understood.

Even the average couple can benefit from relationship counselling. With better communication skills, good boundaries, and an understanding of your coping mechanisms, you'll be set for a stronger relationship going forward. Reach out to a professional for relationship counselling


6 April 2021

Counseling: Its for all of Us

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